The Lavender Tea Room

A Traditional English Tea Room set in the beautiful surrounds of rural Hertfordshire

The Village of Hexton

Located in rural Hertfordshire approximately 7 miles west of Hitchin. Records of the village of Hexton date as far back as the 11th century. Surrounded by grassy hills and significant areas of woodland, Hexton is a very close community and a popular destination for walkers and visitors.

Hexton is also known for being located in the foot-hills of the famous Iron Age Fort ‘Ravensburgh Castle', thought to be the strong hold of the Celtic chieftain Cassivelaunus.


Country Matters - Farm & Craft Shop

Located next door to the Lavender Tea Room is ‘Country Matters’ village farm and craft shop. Known locally as the ‘Aladdins Cave’, Country Matters sells a vast array of gifts including:

Fresh produce, Clothes, Flowers, Outdoor Ornaments and much more. Country Matter is renowned for supporting our local Hertfordshire farmers and food producers.

Pegsdon Hills

Part of the ‘Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, the Pegsdon Hills, known locally as the 'Deacon', are located just a mile up the road from the Lavender Tea Room Hexton. Very popular with walkers all year round and forms a beautiful part of our local community.


The historic Town of Hitchin, is located about 7 miles west of The Lavender Tea Room Hexton. This delightful Hertfordshire Market Town boasts many popular places to visit, including the Market Square in the centre of the town, St Mary's Church, The Queen Mother Theatre, The Hitchin Museum as well as many shops.